Tomato Novelty Herb Grinder 2 Layer 53mm (2 Color)

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What an interesting novelty herb grinder!
The appearance looks like a real tomato. We have 2 colors red and green for you to choose from. This funny weed grinder should be a part of your grinder collection and also can be a great gift on many occasions.
It made of high-quality aluminum&plastic and has 2 layers. The 2 layers can crush your bud completely. The durable 2-part grinder will last a lifetime if looked after and maintained correctly. 
  • Size:  53mm 
  • Material: Plastic&Aluminum 
  • Design: 2 Piece
  • Features: Tomato Novelty Design, perfect Valentine's Day/Anniversaries Gift for your vegan friends(kill them)!
  • Category: Weed GrindersHerb Grinders