Mandala Novelty Herb Grinder 3 Layer (Random Color)

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Mandala, a charming flower like a pretty woman. This 3 piece weed grinder with mandala design is a great choice for you or your girlfriend. 
The herb grinder equipped with sharp teeth to crush through your bud with great ease, and a kief catching bottom piece to collect pollen dust that can be gathered for re-use. The top is a beautiful mandala design.
This high-quality cannabis grinder providing super fluffy and smooth grind anytime.
  • Size: 30mm/1.18 inches(Small) 50mm/1.97 inches(Large)         
  •  Weight:170g
  • Material: High-quality Metal
  • Design: 4 Piece, Hallucination Mandala Vision Design, 17 Assorted Styles 
  • Features: Pollen Catcher
  • Category: Weed GrindersHerb Grinders