Herb Grinder Aluminum Alloy 4 layer Hand-Shaping Flat Plate Manual

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  • CLASSIC DESIGN:4 Layers Aluminum herbal tobacco grinder,6colors to choose, Black, green, silver
  • HIGH QUALITY AND DURABILITY: premium grinder use electroplating surface so there won't be the problem of paint peeling off
  • Wide Usage: With the improvement of the sharp curved teeth, the grinder can cut and flutter your tobacco and most herbs and smoothly rotates. It's better than the herbs are dry
  • GOOD IN REDUCE WASTE: The bottom compartment can gather the herb powder while they filter through a mesh screen
  • LARGER CAPACITY:Diameter 63mm (2.5Inches), height48mm (1.9Inches),Can grind more tobacco at one time
  • Category: Weed Grinders, Herb Grinders, Marijuana Grinders